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  • 100g 澳洲野生至尊黑刺参 (大号) Australian Wild caught Stichopus Japonicus
  • 50g 澳洲干贝 Australian Dried Scallops
  • 50g 日本大分县花菇 Japanese Oita Shiitake Mushroom



OITA Japan boasts the highest quality and production volumes of shiitake mushrooms across Japan. This award winning mushroom is rích in flavour and perfect for soup, stews and stir fried.


Dried Scallop is a much prized ingredient in Chinese cuisine which add a terrific rich umami depth to many dishes. Just a small amount will add considerable depth to all sorts of dishes. It is often used in congees, soups, and sauces to infuse a rich, savory flavour. Simply soak the dried scallop in water till soft.

Sea cucumber has been used for centuries as a Traditional Chinese Medicine. It delivers an impressive amount of nutrients and beneficial compounds, including protein, antioxidants, and B vitamins.



Keep in dry and cool place.



Must be fully cooked before consumption. Best Before: 01/2024.



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