SAMBUVY Black Elderberry Original 100ml


The Superfood to Fight Cold and Flu

SAMBUVY is made out of black elderberry juice from Australia.


Direct Anti-viral Effect Against The Flu
– Inhibits the virus’s entry and replication in healthy human cells

Potent Immune Booster
– Helps strengthen immune response to viruses

Super Concentrated
– Effervescent (Tablet): Contains 400 mg of Black Elderberry extract per tablet.

All Natural
– A plant-based product, suitable for vegetarians


How to Consume Sambuvy?

Recommended daily dose is :-

Adult: One tablet once daily with a meal. Dissolve the tablet in a glass of water and drink immediately.


5 Important Health Facts of Black Elderberry
– High in Nutrients
– Improves Influenza, Flu & Cold
– Supports The Immune System
– May Fight Harmful Bacteria
– High in Antioxidants


Why Choose Sambuvy?
– Made out of Black Elderberry Juice
– Tested for Bioavailability
– Plant Based
– Standardised to Anthocyanins
– Free from Artificial Flavours and Colours

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